Togolese Culture and our Kids

Togo is a scary place. It SHOULD scare us. It is a culture overrun by voodoo and forms of idolatry most of us have never had to stand in the face of. Voodoo and witchcraft have impacted my life in a very personal way. It is because of this personal connection that my heart has always been drawn to Haiti and Togo. Both cultures (ironically both settled by the French) uses Christianity to hide voodoo practices. They justify their inhumane actions toward children, animals, and each other by the tenants of voodooism. This breaks my heart. The more I learn of its deep roots and hurtful practices, the more of my heart LONGS to help these children broken in these environments.

Today, the compassion blog is all about a little girl from Togo who comes from a voodoo practicing family in a voodoo enriched town. It talks of how amidst all of the evil she is brought to compassion and now has been transformed. God is redeeming her heart in the same way he redeemed mine. Today, I m praying for this special girl as well as for my sweet Togolese sponsored girl Yayra and correspondent boy Benjamin. May God rescue them completely and create a NEW spirit within them.

Epilepsy Is Not a Curse From the Gods.


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