Another Sweetheart from Togo (Benjamin)

I was very excited to receive another correspondence boy from Togo. As you know, I have such a heart for Togo and its children. The culture and spiritual oppression has moved me deeply. I was so excited to receive his information.

Welcome Benjamin!


Benjamin is a 13 year old boy from near Lome, Togo. His chores are washing clothes and running errands and he likes to jump rope. He lives with his parents who are both employed, his father as a barber and his mother as a petty trader. I am unsure of how many siblings he has. They earn approximately 33 US dollars a month. His community needs food, improved housing, and affordable education. He lives very close to my Yayra who is also in Togo. I wonder if they know each other? They go to different Compassion Child Development Centers but the towns are literally touching. How neat would that be? I am so excited to add him to my compassion family!


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