Mine for a Moment (Prithiviraj)

I want to introduce you to a young man who was put in my life and in my heart for a short time. This young man was assigned to me as a correspondent in March, only to have his financial sponsor drop him and lose him in April. However, because I still pray for him and because he is so precious, I want to share him with you.

This is Prithiviraj


Prithiviraj is a 13 year old young man from India. He lives in a community that has been overtaken by alcoholism. Neglect and abuse run rampant in the small village. He lives with his mother and father who are both employed as casual laborers. Unfortunately, I do not know much else about him. But, he will always hold a piece of my heart because I firmly believe God places each of these kiddos into my care for a purpose. I hope my two short months of letters, photos, and goodies helped to encourage and affirm him. And I pray that he will be loved and cherished by everyone God has ordained to love him.


One thought on “Mine for a Moment (Prithiviraj)

  1. Teresa Dawn says:

    What a handsome young man. I’m sorry you lost him and I’ve said a little prayer for him.

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