Introduction to my sweet Yayra (Yayra)


I received my first letter from Yayra next. it was an introduction letter telling me about herself. She is ten (and oh so precious!). First she tells me about her favorites. She likes red, corn dough, cats, playing with dolls and an African games called ampee. Her dream is to be a seamstress. This is not only a great dream, but a very realistic one. Togolese women can make a good living as a seamstress because of the value placed on brilliant clothing in Togolese culture. She walks on foot to her project every Saturday. I wonder how far she has to walk? I am going to have to ask her in my reply letter!

Next she send me a wonderfully colorful drawing:


I love how she drew it out in pencil carefully ad then added in the color! She took so much time and care to draw! Isn’t that precious? It means the world to me to know that she cared enough for me to take her time drawing a “just right” picture!

Lastly she writes “May the grace of the Lord be with you. Please pray for me and my mother (what she calls her grandmother who she lives with). How is your area called?” In typically young girl fashion, she doesn’t even sign her name (probably distracted on to something else). CUTE!

I am so excited to get to know this sweetheart who looks like she is crying in her photo. I hope that she finds a sense of love and connection through my letters and through her time at the compassion project.