Comfort and Joy (Cori)

I cannot explain much because of confidentiality issues, but I have been battling on behalf of a girl I care deeply for in court. Her parents abused her and both custody and criminal issues are being addressed. I have been absolutely heartbroken for this little tyke. At the same time, I have felt so helpless. I was in desperate need of some comfort. Who knew this is where it would come from?

Right after a court hearing, I found an e-mail containing the news that I had a new correspondence child from Indonesia. She reminds me so much of this little girl I have been agonizing over. I wish I could tell you them all, as it would be a powerful testament to our amazing God. Suffice it to say God filled my heart with comfort and joy as he gave me a new sweetheart to love.


Welcome to my beloved Cori!! She is ten years old and has a beautiful smile in all her pictures! Her mother is deceased and she lives with her father and a sibling. Her father suffers from chronic Ulcers and is receiving medical care through compassion. Her dad is a truck driver earning approximately 66 US dollars a month. Her chore is running errands and she loves dolls, group games, and jumping rope. She lives in Oesapa, Indonesia and her community needs food, housing, libraries, and clothing.

I cannot wait to get to know her better. I know she is a special gift from God, soothing a wound in me. I also know she is a special task from God–giving me the opportunity to love and encourage her faithfully.