Heartsick for India (Dharmu)


My next letter came to my from East India. Sweet Dharmu in East India wrote me a precious first letter describing his community and expressing more genuine affection than I have ever seen come from a 15 year old boy!

First he tells me the names of his family members, including his two little brothers, Silas and Philip. His favorite color is green and he loves soccer. His favorite food is sweets (typical teenage boy!). He is from the Malto tribe.

He starts the next page with his beautiful drawing:


His art is certainly better than mine! Then he writes such a sweet letter:

“Dear Beth, Loving greetings to you in Jesus’ name. By God’s grace I am fine and doing well. Thank you for your love and concern for me! I belong to the Malto tribe in Jharkland, India. Generally, in our community people are poor and illiterate. Mostly, people are working as laborers. I am the first generation to attend school. My family members thank you. Your loving child, Dharmu.”

He wrote the entire letter in perfect English in his very own handwriting! I am so proud of him and my heart is in love with him already! What a sweetheart I have been given to love!


A Proud and Handsome Indian Prince (Darmu)

I received this special guy as a correspondent in January 2013.

Meet Darmu:


This handsome guy is Darmu. He is 15 and lives in East India in Jarkhard, near Ranchi. He lives with his mother and father who both work part time as agricultural workers. His family is part of the Malto tribe and they make about 44 US dollars a month. He gave me tons of information when he filled out his form! He does tons of chores including taking care of the animals, cleaning, washing clothes, gathering firewood, and taking care of his younger siblings.He likes to do lots of things including playing soccer, marbles, group games, swimming, running, singing, and listening to music. He sounds like an active kid!