An Ethiopian Beauty (Sifen)

Surprise! In January, I received two packets in the mail. The first was an Ethiopian beauty.

Meet Sifen:

ImageSifen is an 18 year old girl from near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia who lives with her mom and dad. Her dad is a guard  and her mom is unemployed. Their total family income is about 12 US dollars a month. She loves basketball. She did not list any other hobbies or likes. Her chores include cleaning and helping in the kitchen. She is in the equivalent of 8th grade and does poorly in school.

I have loved this young lady since I first laid eyes on her picture. She has such a gentle, serene expression. I can imagine us sitting down and having tea together, not needing to talk and being comfortable. 🙂 I immediately got online and wrote her a letter, quickly followed by a hand-written letter with tracing paper, stickers, and lots of encouragement. I knew she would need lots of encouragement to improve in her studies with all the challenges she was facing.