What a smile! (Celina)

I know I’m terribly far behind in my blog, but I am working on catching up. Please bear with me. I’m new to this and haven’t kept up with it like I would have liked to.

The next correspondence kiddo I was assigned was Celina. Look at this smile!


Do you see that in her eyes? That is HOPE for sure! My heart melted when I got her picture. Such a precious kiddo! Celina is a 13 year old girl from near Mombasa, Kenya. She likes to sing and recite poems. She has many chores including washing clothes, cleaning, and helping in the kitchen. She lives with her mother and her father is no longer alive. Her mother is sometimes employed as a casual laborer making approximately 30 US dollars a month. Their community needs improved sanitation, AIDS prevention, and employment opportunities.

Her smile already encourages me and I cannot wait to get to know this precious one!


Koki from Kenya (Koki)

My next correspondence kiddo was Koki. She is a Kenyan beauty who lives in rural Kenya, set apart from the urban culture there. Rural Kenya is much like most of rural Africa with indigenous religions and scare food and education. She is my first from rural Kenya. My Anastacia lives in Urban Kenya, but those are truly like two different worlds.

Here’s Koki!


Precious, huh? I think so! Koki is an 11 year old girl whose chores are running errands and cleaning. She likes to play with dolls and play group games. She lives with her mother and father who are both employed–her mother as a farmer and her father as a casual laborer. Her family makes approximately 30 US dollars a month. She lives in Mutomo, Kenya and her community needs food, affordable education, housing, and clothing.

I cannot wait to get to know her better!