Such a Smile! (Aisha)

I’m still running immensely far behind. I am trying to keep up, both for my own record of the love of these children, and for anyone reading this.

My next correspondent girl is Aisha:


Aisha is a 9 year old girl living in Uganda. She lives with her mother. Her mother sells by the roadside making approximately 12 US dollars a month. Her parents are separated. Her chores at home include making beds, cleaning, carrying water, gathering firewood and helping in the kitchen. She likes to play group games, play hide-n-seek, run, read, draw, and jump rope.

I can’t wait to get to know this sweet little girl!!


Going to Uganda!

Through a crazy set of channels, I was connexted to a woman named Julie who founded an organization called Love Mercy Uganda. This organization is a sponsorship program to support the Good Samaritans Childrens Home in Kampala, Uganda. I was deeply moved. I have been being wooed to Africa by God for MANY YEARS now.

God made it clear: THIS is where I was supposed to go. And within just a couple days it was set–next spring I will travel to Uganda with Julie to volunteer at the GSCH in Kampala. I suspect this will be a recurring trip!! 🙂 If I had no health or money barriers I would already be there! But, alas, it is a process and I must travel it.

The BEST news is that I am going to Uganda!! I will be mothering motherless kiddos–what I was DESIGNED to do! I can hardly wait! As a bonus, I will be able to visit my Ugandan Compassion kiddos while I am there, if all goes according to plan. How cool is God?

Uganda here I come!!

(and if you feel so led, you may contribute financially to my trip here: